Neonatology Service

Neonatology Service

It is a service that deals with all cases of neonatal distress, it organizes neonatal intensive care and takes care of newborns with acute pathologies such as: neonatal infections, perinatal asphyxia, Prematurity, Hypotrophy, jaundice…

The service also deals with the stabilization of newborns with poor adaptation to extra uterine life. It has a capacity of 15 beds for this purpose.
Neonatology continues the care of newborns who have been in the intensive care unit and at the same time organizes the rearing of premature babies. It takes care of newborns with pathologies requiring medical observation. The capacity in this area is 15 beds, it should be added that the neonatology is very present and very active in the maternal-infant health unit and is specially employed:

• Reception and care of newborns from dystocic births, requiring the presence of the paediatrician in the delivery room (e.g. caesarean sections, prolonged labor from induced births, etc.);
• Systematic assessment of all newborns before they return home;
• Follow-up of newborns Who have been in neonatology (appointment for systematic check-up) ;
• Systematic examinations of newborns after hospital discharge to ensure a good adaptation to life outside the womb (appointment / early return within 9 to 14 days of birth);
• Pre-school consultations (CPS) and vaccinations according to the EPI schedule ;
• Longitudinal monitoring of the physical and neurodevelopmental growth of preterm and low birth weight newborns

Finally, neonatology is present in the baby bottle through its activities in childcare and the promotion of breastfeeding and promotes contact between mothers and newborns hospitalized in neonatal intensive care.